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Why not include a bottle of Prosecco , or extra cakes to your order?

We can include:

A selection of 5 Twinnings tea bags

A 20cl bottle of prosecco

A 75cl bottle of prosecco

A bottle of Old Speckled Hen Pale Ale

A full set of every flavour macarons (Commonly known as the French macaron but actually they date back to the 8th century where they were produced in Venetian monasteries and were only introduced to Paris by the French Queen Catherine de'Medici in 1533. Often used as wedding favours they are pure elegance and ooze sophistication! Flavoured with vanilla, pistachio, strawberry, coffee, lemon and chocolate.)

Lemon Meringue Kit (Add a touch of luxury to your afternoon tea. Just fill the 3 pastry cases with homemade tangy lemon curd and pop the meringue crown on top. The sweetness of the meringue crown will melt in your mouth and cut the tangy lemon curd to perfection!)